The DP-2 is a new product from Digital Innovations and is aimed at all pilots whether they be students studying towards the NPPL, PPL or CPL or existing aviators. Designed by qualified flight instructors to assist in calculating en-route corrections quickly and easily without the need of complicated mental maths. This is particular useful when the necessity to divert arises.


The DP-2 has a self-adhesive coating that can be adhered to a aviation topographical chart. Providing the chart is laminated, the DP-2 can be removed easily without any damage.

The DP-2 incorporates both a Windstar and Compass Rose in one, so you get two uses for the price of one. The Windstar is a great tool and greatly assists the pilot with the mental calculations. The DP-2 like the DP-1 provides 8 input areas which correspond to the 8 cardinal points (N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW). Each input area is further divided into two further input boxes. The top part of input box is used to insert the calculated ground speed and the second box for correction angle. These figures are based on the planned forecasted wind speed and direction and the planned cruising speed (TAS). To make this task simple, we have provided a online application to quickly calculate these figures. All that is needed is for these figures to be transferred to the sticker using a suitable pen. Also available is an app for both apple and android devices.


Download the windstar app today or visit the online version.


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